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Aurelia at Light The Way offers Fascia Release & Yin Yoga

$15.00 drop in per person. Contact Aurelia for information at 517.763.9404 or Email: Suitable for all levels, Beginner to Novice. Bring your yoga mat and any props, such as straps, blankets, bolsters or blocks. Wear comfortable clothing. Fascia Release and Yin with Aurelia addresses the body's interpenetrating, continuous covering known as fascia.  Inflammation, scarring, and trauma cause fascia to lose it's pliability becoming a source of tension, often leading to pain.  Aurelia guides students thought gentle poses held 2-4 minutes and also uses tennis balls or blocks to localize compression or friction in the fascial planes.  The benefits are reorganization and rehydration of tissues resulting in greater range of motion, reduced tension, and decreased pain.