“I lovingly embrace my relationship with Spirit . . .”


Hello! I am Michelle Love, the founder of Light The Way, Center for Spiritual Studies in Naples, Florida, which opened in January 2012. I am also an ordained minister; a spiritual teacher, a medium, a psychic, and a licensed massage therapist.  As a child, I experienced seeing, hearing and feeling presences of people who had passed into the world of Spirit. I also experienced visions of things yet to happen, as well as having prophetic dreams. At an early age, I started to read all I could about these experiences in an attempt to understand them and myself.

A journey of self healing led me to become a licensed massage therapist in 1993, on Long Island, New York.   I continued my search for understanding and met my first teacher in 1996 at Lily Dale, a Spiritualist Camp in upstate New York.  This began my spiritual development.  My studies include; Buddhism, Native Spiritual Traditions, Hinduism, Christianity and Spiritualism.  My practices include prayer, meditation, yoga and T'ai Chi. Spiritual healing has also become a regular part of my life. These studies led me to become an ordained Minister through Sancta Sophia Seminary in 2007. 

I lovingly embrace my relationship with Spirit and share my spiritual experiences through the ministry of Light The Way.  The purpose of this ministry is to create opportunities for healing and growth.  As a spiritual teacher I support each individual’s journey to learn and explore their own spiritual abilities.  I create opportunities for Spirit to communicate with loved ones in a group environment and also provide private sessions of mediumship and psychic information, both in person and on the telephone.  Classes on topics such as meditation, spiritual healing, spiritual development, and death and dying, are also offered. Spiritual Healing, mentoring and spiritual counseling are provided both in person and long distance. 

With light and love,