Greater Understanding of Yourself & Your Journey
Through Spiritual Development


Michelle Love’s mission is best described as “Lighting the Way to the Soul.”  She assists and facilitates spiritual experiences so that we may come to understand our life's journey and our Soul’s purpose.

What you may not know about Reverend Michelle Love is that she grew up on Long Island, New York and had a very traumatic childhood. She experienced years of abuse and was confused about her spiritual gifts. She was not sure if her abilities were a curse or a blessing.

Being physically abused by her mother, sexually abused by a member of her mother’s family and also by the babysitter’s family made every household she knew unsafe. When she was a young teenager, she ran away and contemplated what she thought were her only choices - suicide or escape.

That was the start of Michelle’s journey for freedom and safety. Taking to the streets in an attempt to remove herself from harm, she found herself in the car with a man she would later discover was a serial killer. Michelle confronted her captor and was able to escape; she later realized her spiritual gifts helped save her life. Later she learned that he committed suicide just days after her escape.

Her spiritual journey continued, and she sought to understand not only the spiritual experiences in her life but the abuse as well. She knew that in order to heal the abuse of the past she needed to create a safe environment with which to understand all of her experiences and develop relationships of trust.

She underwent years of introspection and studied many forms of healing.  Michelle also trained with two spiritual teachers over many years and fulfilled a calling to become an ordained minister in 2007. In 2012, she founded Light The Way, a Center for Spiritual Studies, in Naples, FL. She offers classes and mentoring to people who are seeking to find their way along the road of life.

Her mission now is help others who are seeking a greater understanding of themselves and their journey, through Spiritual Development.