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Bring awareness to your career, relationships and personal growth. Or connect with loved ones from the Spirit world. Receive guidance that can help you move through current obstacles in your life, with greater ease and grace. Whether you are interested in a mediumship reading or a psychic reading, Michelle Love will offer her strong connection to Spirit: the energy that binds us all.

Medium Reading: Michelle Love shares her experience of the Spirit world by relaying to her client accurate and verifiable communication from Souls who have passed into the world of Spirit. The purpose of these session is to provide proof that the Soul survives the death of the physical body.
Psychic Reading:
Michelle Love is a direct intuitive. Her focus is on matters concerning the heart the soul’s path, and the physical body. The focus is on the present, the future and what could potentially happen. This insight is dependent upon the choices one makes and the direction that one takes. The purpose of these sessions is to provide insight, clarity, direction and empowerment.
Spiritual Mentoring: These sessions provide spiritual instruction to assist individuals with their own spiritual development. This is a process of learning about oneself and our own spiritual abilities, whatever they may be. Develop a greater understanding of yourself and your Journey through mentoring with an experienced Spiritual Teacher. Michelle Love with care and experience will help you learn how to tune into your higher self and grow. This is a self-paced process often referred to as the unfoldment of the soul or the development of the spirit.