An Interview with Michelle Love
By: BJ King

          Michelle Love has been a spiritualist medium and clairvoyant for her entire life.  She is also a licensed massage therapist . When she was four or five years old, she became aware of her abilities. Approximately 15 years ago, she took a personal journey to try to better understand her ability and the role it would play in other peoples’ lives.  This very sensitive and caring woman, with an exceptional level of professional ethics, has found peace through the perseverance and determination to understand. 
          “I saw and heard people in the world of spirit—visions of experiences yet to happen.  I had prophetic dreams.  All of this scared me as a child.  My mother took me to ear and eye doctors, but she tried to raise me to ignore these things.  My mother was afraid, but she had abilities in this realm , too, but was fearful.  She had no true understanding.  I learned not to share, not to say anything I saw or heard.  I thought everybody else saw and heard the same things.
          “When I began my career as a massage therapist 15 years ago, my clients started having experiences.  They were asking me what happened.  I needed to find the answers.  My experiences were becoming more frequent and greater in depth.  I said:  “Woman, know thyself”.  It was very important for me to be responsible and understand what was happening.  I went to Lily Dale in upstate New York.  It’s a spiritualist community.  I found a teacher from England who I wanted to answer all my 1,001 questions.  But, he wouldn’t answer any of them.  He helped guide me to find the answers on my own.  All the research I did and analyzing other experiences began an education for me and helped develop the process for me.  I wasn’t the only one like this.  It shed light on the darkness.  “This was a huge weight lifted—the learning, the understanding about myself—the education.” Love said.
          “I hold classes on spiritual mediumship development and I help parents of children with these abilities to understand the child’s experience, supporting them and helping shed light on what’s unknown.  The enlightening experience is a loving experience.  The intent is to help people with life issues and life concerns—helping with matters of the heart and soul. 
          The majority of people who come to me include elderly people facing mortality issues, people going through the grieving process and those trying to deal with someone’s passing.   People have spiritual concerns.  I never predict death.  This is a very physical, mental and emotional process.  Often someone on the other side will communicate and address his or her own life and there is a peaceful experience beyond reassuring.  I’m relaying the communication.  Being mediumistic is experiencing finer sensitivity; you communicate with all five senses.  It’s symbolic— mind-to-mind, conscious-to-conscious.  I offer an interpretation.  It’s a heightened degree of sensitivity to discern the spirit world and the physical world.  I’m not the manager over there, so I can’t guarantee the lineup.
          “I don’t take advantage of grieving people.  They must go through the natural process of grief.  I won’t see the person again for six months to a year after the first professional session.  I do not, under any circumstances, want to jeopardize recovery through the grieving process. I only take the person’s first name and phone number.  I don't keep records on people and I put time between sessions to be fresh.  I do private sessions in people’s homes or office, telephone consultations, group presentations and I’m available all year.  I like to educate people before I begin a session so they have realistic expectations; I don't want to disappoint people.”

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          The ability is a learning and development experience through prayer, meditation, spiritual development and learning about oneself.  There is a lot of exercising discipline and self-control.  If someone from the spiritual world comes knocking; I choose whether to answer.  I don’t consider this a gift; I use my ability as a gift to others, through sharing with others.  My mediumistic ability is my normal state—I’ve learned to accept it and incorporate it into all of my life.” Love said.
          Diane Trzyna met Michelle six years ago.  “She was just starting group demonstration of mediumship, and I went to one.  I found it very intriguing.  I wanted to know more.  She made connections with members of my family from the spirit world.  It was a very good experience.  When I was pregnant, Michelle sought me out,” Trzyna explained.  “That’s only the second time I broke my own rule,” Love noted.  She does not seek out individuals if she receives a message for them unless there is a compelling enough reason to do so, and if she does, she always approaches the person and offers them the opportunity to either receive the information or not.
          “My family is very connected to me”, Trzyna said. “My grandmother and my uncle communicated from the spirit world that I shouldn't try to be a hero.  I was only two months pregnant, and I could have lost the baby if I overworked.  I stopped working full days immediately.  Michelle make the experience very comforting.”
          “Michelle called me one night to ask if my son was o.k. she had no idea he had a lump on his neck and he had to have surgery.  She did a spiritual healing session with the family.  My son slept and she laid her hands on him.  She sang—she had a beautiful voice.  It just released everything.  I can't explain the feeling"  Trzyna said.
          “I don't share anything frightening.  I word everything with a positive tone.  The whole family was anxious, so sharing the aspect of the song created the transformation from worry and stress to peace and comfort.  I do not call myself a “healer”.  I offer spiritual healing in the form of laying on of the hands for an opportunity or an experience of healing by the recipient or the family.  I don't actually provide the healing.  I provide the opportunity for healing.  Most people are looking for a physical example of healing although that can and does happen, it is a very limited view of healing.  A healing experience can be realized on many levels, such as mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  I can't say what will be healed or experienced.  When the person is refueled, their body decides what to do with the energy,” Love explained.

Michelle Love can be reached at:  239-250-4710.

Previously published by:
Marco Magazine—March 2006